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We want to preserve what our parents and grandparents built!

With the forests of the Rellerli colored in the most beautiful autumn colours the Saanenland turns into a mystical landscape. We dream of lasts wonderful hikes up and around the Rellerli. Our opportunities for experiences on the most beautiful panoramic mountain in Saanenland are, however, limited due to the current situation. Yet the prospect of being able to take a cable car up the Rellerli again in the foreseeable future gives us hope.
 Our association counts about 1‘100 «Friends of the Rellerli»: we are convinced of the potential of the Rellerli. The number of Friends is still growing. In autumn 2015, the voters of Saanen and other communes decided to restructure the mountain railway company of the destination of Gstaad BDG. The closure of the Rellerli was part of this reorganization. The many requirements of the refurbishment submitted to the population went beyond the measure of «unity of matter» of a democratic vote. Improvements must therefore be possible. And the new Rellerli mountain railway is an improvement! Only, today we know that patience is needed.
Your support is very valuable:
The planning approval procedure for the new «Rellerlibahn» has started!  
We have (as of October 2020) verbal assurance that the valley and the mountain stations of the old cable car can be used for a replacement railway. Also, the municipal council of Saanen supports our project and helps us in the approval procedure (though the commune excludes any financial contribution). We can thus start the long approval procedure with the explicit commitment: We want the new «Rellerlibahn»!
Any support contribution for the planning approval procedure will be a very strong positive signal for the Rellerli!
Thank you very much for your support!

Freunde des Rellerli
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 Status of the replacement of the Rellerli mountain railway  

When the Rellerli negotiations reached the point when it became clear that the old locations of the valley and mountain stations could be used for the new railway, the board members of the « Friends of the Rellerli » set up a small but powerful project team « Neu Rellerli ». We can count on the services of well-versed mountain railway specialists who have extensive experience in the matter.  

The project manager is Raphael Reinle from Garaventa AG. Originally from Central Switzerland, he is very familiar with the conditions in the Bernese Oberland. He is also a member of the board of « Bergbahnen Adelboden ». He knows the Rellerli well and had already drawn up a first project for our association in 2018. The current project has been developed to meet the future requirements of the Rellerli, while at the same time building on the decades of experience of the cable car builder Garaventa.    

How does Project manager Raphael Reinle assess the project status in October 2020? The project planning for « Neu Rellerli » is well advanced. The project is based on the best possible integration of the existing valley and mountain stations. It was also possible to define the railway system and the ideal line layout from an economic and operational perspective as well as with regard of the conservation of nature and landscape. The project organisation for the planning approval is on track. Discussions with the municipality, the landowners, the Federal Office of Transport and the cantonal agencies, as well as with various project partners, are underway or will be organised soon.                  

In the planning team we are organised in such a way that we can carry out several planning steps simultaneously, such as regulations for the railway corridor, the environmental report and the technical planning. We have determined the costs for the plan approval and these have now to be released in tranches so that the planning procedure can be further advanced with the specialists.   If all the stages of spatial planning and approval can be completed within the usual deadlines and no objections hinder the project, it can be assumed that the mountain railway to the Rellerli can be reopened in December 2023! The best motivation for us is to be able to count on more than 1’000 « Friends of the Rellerli ». The « Neu Rellerli » will be a jewel for sustainable tourism and for strengthening the destination.  

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«Neue Pläne für das Rellerli»
Anzeiger von Saanen (04.01.2019)
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Rellerli, the mountain without which the whole-year tourism in Saanenland cannot be working.

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