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We want to preserve what our parents and grandparents built!

Already the colourful floral splendour and fresh green of trees and bushes adorn the Rellerli meadows and forests. Our opportunities for experiences on the most beautiful panoramic mountain in Saanenland are, however, limited due to the current situation. Yet the prospect of being able to take a cable car up the Rellerli again in the foreseeable future gives us hope.
Of course, the global corona crisis has also affected our local concerns: Continuous contacts between the negotiating partners are impaired, and progress in our efforts has correspondingly slowed down. Nevertheless, there are positive elements to report. The contacts of our association with the Mountain View company, owner of the parcels of land with the previous mountain and valley stations, are proceeding constructively. It has now been determined that Mountain View will provide our association with a plot for the valley station of a future cable car. Also, the project of the cable car has been refined and concretized by the constructing company Garaventa. Moreover, those responsible in the municipality of Saanen are also positive with regard to the project.
The further planning, including the necessary public approval procedures, will of course take time and continue to require patience. But overall, we can look forward to further developments with more confidence than we have in the last two years.
We are particularly pleased that we can still count on you, the Friends of the Rellerli – for this we thank you very much!

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«Neue Pläne für das Rellerli»
Anzeiger von Saanen (04.01.2019)
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Rellerli, the mountain without which the whole-year tourism in Saanenland cannot be working.

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