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We want to preserve what our parents and grandparents built!

Pure sun, summer in the mountains! We could already enjoy some hot summer days and hope the sun continues to smile for the Saanenland. Some wonderful events are on the plan for the next weeks, we are looking foreward to everything!
The goal of our asscociation has not changed: a new, year-round operated cable car tho the rellerli to make this magnificent panoramic mountain easily accessible for everyone. Our association counts about 1‘100 «Friends of the Rellerli», what an amazing support!
Your support is very valuable:
The planning approval procedure for the new «Rellerlibahn» has started!  
We are some steps further in the planning and realization of our project. Read more in the section "Project Neu Rellerli"
Any support contribution for the planning approval procedure will be a very strong positive signal for the Rellerli!
Thank you very much for your support!

Freunde des Rellerli
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 Status of the replacement of the Rellerli mountain railway  

Specifically, the railway construction company Garaventa AG commissioned by us examined various variants. As the best
A gondola lift with cabins for 10 people proved to be the solution. This is also because a cable car for
the crossing of the high-voltage line would require high supports and significantly more impact
the landscape would have. The gondola ensures simple, quiet and low-personnel operation, both in summer and in winter, during the day or in the evening. The large panorama-glazed gondolas offer comfortable seats for ten people; they are handicapped accessible and
With a transport capacity of 600 people per hour, they also allow the transport of sports equipment.

Site inspections have already taken place with representatives from various federal and of the canton, who then fortunately made consistently positive statements about the project. The sustainable and ecologically oriented concept, which corresponds to gentle, natural tourism,
obviously convincing. The feedback from wildlife and forest protection is also positive. That it is despite the
pandemic-related difficulties in maintaining contacts in patient detail work, all of these
Involving those affected and uniting them behind the railway project idea can probably be considered the great success of the
past twelve months.

The procurement of the necessary financial resources for the realization of the railway will be the next big thing be a challenge. The planning approval by the Federal Office of Transport depends not least on success this fundraising. We are working with Mountain View AG to raise the necessary funds to get.

The process consists of two phases: On the one hand, our partner Mountain View AG will be this yea submit the planning application for the new lodge and the renovation of the old mountain station. The lodge replaces that existing mountain house and is in terms of size and appearance of the valuable landscape character take the Rellerli into account.

For the construction of the new railway, a corridor in the area must then be set aside by means of a development ordinance be, which is to be done in spring 2022 by a municipal vote. Then it can Approval procedures for the projects are initiated at the Federal Office of Transport.
Despite the separate procedures, everyone involved agrees that the new gondola and the renovation of the Rellerli building can only be realized together, which is why it is important to combine both projects support.

The following still applies: If the next project stages can be handled optimally and no objections are raised,
the new lift could start operating in the 2023/24 winter season.

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«Neue Pläne für das Rellerli»
Anzeiger von Saanen (04.01.2019)
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Rellerli, the mountain without which the whole-year tourism in Saanenland cannot be working.

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